Flat Roofing

Even though they are called flat roofs, that description is not entirely accurate. Flat roofs are low slope roofs that typically have a slope of around 10-15 degrees to let water run off with ease. This type of roof is quite common and popular for a long time.

Why Choose a Flat Roofing System?

Flat Roofing

A lot of roofing contractors recommend flat roofs for your home and business projects for a number of reasons.

Easy to maintain

Accessing a flat roof is easy and so inspection and maintenance activities can be done with minimal fuss. This means that a flat roof will typically last longer than most roof types.

High insulation capability

Flat roofs help to keep your cooling costs down because they are excellent at reflecting sunlight away from your home. If you add a foam insulation to your flat roofing, you are bound to notice a decrease in your utility bills over time.


A flat roofing system is not only cost-effective, it does not require too much expertise to carry out. The reduced labor and time requirements mean that you can get an excellent quality and highly durable roof at an affordable rate no matter the roofing contractor you hire to do the job.

Caring for a Flat Roof

Flat Roofing

As long as your flat roof is installed by a professional flat roof contractor, it is unlikely to give you any problems. How long your flat roof lasts also depend on the quality of the roofing materials that are used. Flat routes can cause a lot of problems for you when installed incorrectly or not cared for well.

In order to make your flat roofing protect your home for as long as possible, you can apply a protective waterproof coating on it. This coating not only makes it easier for water to drain off your roof as well as other debris, it also improves your roof’s appearance as it comes in different styles and colors. The coating needs to be reapplied periodically and can extend your roof’s lifespan by as much as 10 additional years.

Flat Roofing

We are the leading Flat roof contractors

Flat Roofing

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