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Your Complete Guide to Flat Roofs

Your Complete Guide to Flat Roofs

While many commercial buildings have had flat roofs for years, they are becoming a more popular choice when building houses. There are many advantages to flat roofs in DeBary because they help to keep interior temperatures cooler because there is not as much attic space where heat accumulates. They are usually easy to install. Since no one worries about the gentle pitch of these roofs, it is usually easier to find someone to work on your roof when repairs are necessary. Since they are smaller than many roof types, they usually require fewer supplies to build. If you have decided on a flat roof, then it is important to choose the type of flat roof that meets your family’s needs the best.

Single-Ply Membrane Roofing (EPDM)

Single-ply membrane roofing is often called rubber roofing. It is extremely durable and can be applied to almost any flat roof. Since the materials are very thin, they tend to stay in place better during hurricanes and may withstand hailstorms better than some other roofing material choices. Their light weight means that you will not need to reinforce the roof sheathing before installing your rubber roof. They rarely leak, so you may have very little to no repair expense. When you do, they are usually simple and inexpensive to repair. Most single-ply membrane roofing materials have a very high fire rating giving you and your loved one’s extra time to get out of the house. Most single-ply membrane roofs have a lifespan of about 40 years.

Built-Up Roofing (BUR)

For many years, almost every flat roof in the United States had built-up roofing. Roofers used a combination of tar and gravel to create a watertight barrier over the roof’s underlayment. These roofs generally last about 15 years, but you will have to have a roofer in DeBary maintain it regularly during that period. Built-up roofing works well in providing protection against the sun’s damaging rays and water, but you will need to check it regularly to make sure that water is not puddling as that can lead to leaks.

Modified Built-up Roofing

Plastic and rubber additives are layered between sheets of polyester or fiberglass to create a modified built-up roof. These roofs stand up extremely well for people who thinking about installing solar panels on their roofs or who plan to use their roof for an outdoor entertaining area. They require very little maintenance, and they are easy for the roofer in DeBary to install, which can result in lower costs. Since this type of roofing comes in large rolls there are fewer seams that may develop leaks.

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