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What to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels on Your Orlando Roof

What to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels on Your Orlando Roof

Are you thinking about installing solar panels on your rooftop?  Many people love to use solar panels to heat their home or their outdoor swimming pool without having to pay the costs associated with a heater.  As roofing contractors in Orlando, we have helped many of our clients prepare their rooftops for solar panel installation.  There are a few factors you need to consider before you install solar panels on your roof.  

How Long You Will Live in Your Home

If you are planning to move soon, it may not be worthwhile to install solar panels on your existing roof.  You should instead consider waiting until you get to your new home to perform this job.  Because solar panels are costly initially, you want to be sure you'll stay in your home for at least the next decade in order to see a return on your investment.  

Energy Required to Power Your Home

When you are considering solar panels as an energy source, you also want to assess the energy that is required to power your home.  This information will help you decide how many solar panels you will need in order to keep your house up and running.  You will need to examine your electric bills and your heating and cooling bills to make a final assessment of how much energy your house requires.

Roof Materials and Type

Even though solar panel installation is possible on virtually every roof type, you want to make sure you have all of the supplies you need for the installation.  Different roofing materials may require different installation techniques.  If you have tiles, you may have a more difficult time securing the solar panels to your roof.  Shingles, however, work well with solar panel installation.  Contact your local roofing contractors in Orlando to inspect your roof and suggest proper solar panel installation methods.

Sun Exposure

When you are installing solar panels, you want to place them on the side of your roof that has the most sun exposure.  This will help maximize the amount of energy they are absorbing on a daily basis, which increases their efficiency.  The more hours they are exposed to full sun, the more energy they will produce.

Permits Needed

Before you begin the solar panel installation process, become familiar with your regions policies and permit procedures.  You may need to acquire a permit before you install your solar panels.  If you fail to do so, you may risk being fined or incurring additional expenses.  Check with your municipality to adhere to their rules and regulations on the process of installing solar panels on your Orlando rooftop.  

As you prepare your home to install solar panels, be sure that your roof is safe and ready for the installation.  At JV Contractors, trusted roofing contractors in Orlando, we offer a free inspection to help you get started.  Contact us today to hear about our quality roofing services.