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Things to look for in a Storm Damage Expert

Things to look for in a Storm Damage Expert

A lot of roofers in Orlando claim to be storm and hurricane damage experts, but they all do not have what it takes to substantiate those claims. For major damages, a lot of Orlando residents have learned the hard way that only a few roofers in Orlando have what it takes to fix the problems caused by a severe storm. At JV Contractors, LLC., we have positioned ourselves as an experienced professional in storm damage. And in this article, we will be looking at the things you have to look for in a storm damage expert.

Carry out an evaluation

Storm damage repair is an emergency project for which time of the essence. The earlier the roofers in Orlando can get started with the repair after the storm hits, the better. Putting tarps over your roof is only the first step in the entire process, and this can just tackle the leaks for a few days until a more permanent solution is provided. A professional roofer in Orlando with storm damage expertise should be able to respond immediately with the right equipment for the repairs required.

Immediate Action

If the roofer can get down to your site on time with the appropriate equipment, do you know if they have the skills and expertise to do the work on time? You need to know the qualification of your roofer in Orlando, what they can do and their past project so you can be sure that they can deal with the emergency that you have on your hands. Here are some of the emergencies your roofer in Orlando should be able to help you with;

  1. Tree impact.
  2. Storm damage.
  3. Leaks
  4. Misplaced flashing, metal panels and shingles.
  5. Wind Uplift


For instance, if you have a shingle roof, you do not go and hire a roofer with credentials in metal roof repair. You have to make sure the roofer in Orlando that you are hiring is suitable and has the credentials for the type of roof you have on your property. Make sure you confirm if your preferred roofer in Orlando has credentials for the following;

  1. Shingles repair.
  2. Metal panel.
  3. Ceramic or concrete tiles.
  4. Single ply which is used over porches, patios, additions and on low-slope residential roofs.
  5. Insurance (Workers Compensation Insurance)
  6. Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation License.

If you experienced storm damage recently and would like to hire an experienced roofer in Orlando with years of expertise in storm damage in Florida, contact us today at JV Contractors, LLC. We respond quickly and start working immediately. Call 407 401 9050 or 407 604 ROOF.