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The Best Roofing Materials for Your Orlando Home

The Best Roofing Materials for Your Orlando Home

When it comes time to build your home or replace your roof, you want to consider the best possible materials for the location in which you live.  You want your roof to function efficiently as the primary defense against weather, but you also want it to be attractive in design.  As roofers in Orlando, we have expertise and knowledge on the best roofing materials to use on your central Florida home.  There are four commonly used roofing materials when constructing new homes in the Florida area.

Clay Tile

Clay tiles are a popular roofing option for many Florida homes, because their orange-brown color fit the design of many homes with the ever-present stucco siding.  These tiles are also popular because they stand up to heat and adverse weather.  They also have a long life-span and do not deteriorate from salt exposure.  Although clay tiles require regular cleaning, they don't suffer from insect destruction or rotting.  They are also flame-resistant.  Clay tiles, however, are heavy and may crack if there is ever any need to walk on your roof.

Concrete Tiles

Concrete tiles are becoming a newer and popular roofing material used in Florida homes.  They are designed to look like wood shakes and tiles, but they are low maintenance and durable.  Concrete tiles are also resistant to mold, insect destruction, and rotting.  People choose concrete tiles because they are much lighter than other popular options, like slate or clay tiles, and they still provide a similar appearance.  Concrete tiles, however, are a more expensive choice.

Natural Slate

Many environmentally friendly homeowners have been choosing natural slate as their roofing material.  This is naturally beautiful and practical, and it also has a long lifespan.  Many people like the versatility and customizability of natural slate, since it complements many home designs and styles and also can be sized to perfection to meet any home's needs.  Like clay tiles, natural slate is also inflammable but can crack under stress or weight.  

Metal Roof

Metal roofs have been increasing in popularity over recent years.  They are made of steel, which makes them a popular choice for Floridian homes since steel is protected from sea salt corrosion.  Metal roofs are extremely durable and maintenance free.  Also, their reflective qualities make them energy efficient by keeping the heat away from the home.  Although they may be more expensive up front, they will be more economical over their lifespan because they require almost no upkeep over time.

Because there are quite a few options available to homeowners, it may be helpful to consult a roofing expert in your area.  As roofers in Orlando, we are happy to recommend the best roofing materials for your home design, appearance, and function.  Trust JV Contractors to build or repair the roof on your Orlando home today.