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Stupid Roofing Mistakes

Stupid Roofing Mistakes

If you think that eating Tide pods or licking ice cream out of a store freezer is stupid, then you should see some of the stupid things that experienced roofers have seen as they work to please anxious homeowners who have made the mistake of hiring the wrong roofing contractors in DeBary.

Poorly Fastened Roof Deck Installation

One of the most common problems that we see other roofers in DeBary committing is not fastening on the roof sheathing correctly. When not installed correctly, it buckles, and it swells. Then, the nails pop out, causing the roof to leak. While one loose nail is not a big deal, when there are a series of loose ones, then it is a sign of sloppy installation.

Misaligned Starter Rows

Many roofers line up the starter row of shingles with the first row of shingles. When this occurs, a new roof may leak every 3 feet. If discovered quickly enough, then it is typically not a big deal because the first two rows of shingles can be removed and replaced. Usually, however, the cause is not discovered until rafter tails, wall sheathing, top plates, and drywall have begun to rot. Additionally, if the sheathing is damaged, then several rows along with the flashing must be replaced, or the roof will leak.

Lazy Nailing

Another common mistake that happens is lazy nailing. This particular problem often occurs in high-wind areas, but it can be a problem anywhere as the wind can get under the shingles and lift them off. Then, water gets under the underlayment, and the roof begins leaking. There are many ways that shingles can be nailed wrong, including not using six nails in high-wind areas. Additionally, nailing shingles too high or too low is a common problem. Roofers can also pound nails incorrectly into the roof decking or staples inserted vertically instead of horizontally.

Design Errors

Roofers do not make all the mistakes. Design errors that the roofer does not catch can cause roofs to leak. One common example is incorrectly placed valleys. Then, when it rains, water gushes up against another part of the roof. Sometimes, chimneys block water flow. These are some of the most expensive roofing mistakes, so make sure to check the design well or hire a competent architect, or you may find yourself paying to have the entire roof torn off and replaced.

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