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Steps to Make Your Roof More Stormproof Your New Asphalt Roof

Steps to Make Your Roof More Stormproof Your New Asphalt Roof

There are no roofing contractors in Orlando that can guarantee your asphalt roof is going to be completely stormproof. Following some simple guidelines may help it stand up better when the storm comes. Since roofs are lasting much longer on average than they did just a few years ago, there is a greater chance that your roof will see a major storm. While these steps may increase the cost of your new roof, you will be thankful that you followed them when a storm tries to blow off your roof.

Improved Drip Edges

Metal drip edges placed along the rake and eave edges are crucial for helping asphalt shingles stay in place when the weather turns nasty. While building code suggests placing nails no further apart than 12-inches, consider asking roofing contractors for their recommendation for your area. Many will suggest that they are placed in a staggered “W” shape with nails placed 4-inches apart. Additionally, pieces of the edging should be overlapped by at least 3 inches. Make sure that the drip edge is wide enough to protect the entire deck.

Use Adhesive on the First Row of Asphalt Shingles

Numerous tests show that one of the most vulnerable parts of your roof is the very edge because it receives more blunt wind force. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is fastened down well. Your roofer may choose to use self-stick asphalt shingles, or they may choose to use asphalt glue. Regardless, this row should be nailed as close to the roof decking as possible to avoid lifting.

Nail Correctly

One of the problems that inexperienced roofing companies in Orlando often run into is getting their nails to go in straight. When they do not, then the underlayer of the shingle is damaged. While everyone is going to have the occasional nail that does not cooperate, another nail should be placed about 1 inch over while the original nail is left in place. Make sure that the roofer is following the nailing pattern recommended by the asphalt shingle manufacturer. Some still want four nails, but most want six nails in the Orlando area. Additionally, the manufacturer will state where the nails should be placed.

Use the Right Asphalt Shingles

Asphalt shingles are rated by how much wind they are designed to handle. Make sure your roofing company is using at least the minimum required under Florida law. For the best protection, make sure that the shingles are rated ASTM 7158 Class H.

Chances are that you are not going to go up on your roof to watch your roofing contractors in Orlando each day. Therefore, it is vital to hire professionals who you can trust to do the job correctly. Call JV Contractors LLC as they have the experience to do the job right when building a new roof with asphalt shingles.