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Roofing Terms You Need to Know

Roofing Terms You Need to Know

Most people count on their roofs to protect their family. Outside of occasionally glancing up at it when arriving home after work or leaving in the morning, many people never give it another thought until they discover that they have a leaking roof. Then, they often struggle to understand what the roofer that they called is telling them. At JV Contractors LLC. we do not want to be like other roofers in DeBary, FL. We want you to understand. Here is a guide to common terminology that you may hear us using.


Usually made of plywood, this part goes on top of your home’s rafters and provides a bed for your roofing materials. While many roofers routinely use oriented strand board, it tends to trap water if it ever gets under your roof’s underlayment. Plywood is another popular choice that provides a good nailing bed. In many larger buildings, like multi-story apartments and malls, concrete is used.

Roof Edge

As the name suggests, the roof edge runs around the outside of the roof. Usually made of metal, it is vital that these are put on correctly. When they are not, then water can get under them and enter your attic. It is also easier for roofs to blow off when the drip edge is not securely fastened.


The ridge is a horizontal line that runs along where two roof planes meet. Depending on the style of your roof, you may have one or more ridges. This line is usually covered with a ridge cap to protect it. Covering the ridge is usually the last step in a roofing project. The ridge often contains a special vent designed to take air and moisture out of your home’s attic.


Your roof’s valley is the lowest point where two planes of your roof meet. This is often the first place that your roof will leak as it is where water collects. When an asphalt roof is used, then the roofer will often weave shingles together for this part of the roof, but if it is not done correctly, it will not lay flat and water can get under them. Roofers may also overlap shingles from one part of the roof onto the other part creating a clean line, but water can still get underneath. Other times, a metal strip is used that accentuates the roof’s shape giving the valley a unique look.


Flashing is pieces of material, usually rubber or metal, that are placed around pipes and other structures that come up through your roof. If your roof is leaking, this will be one of the first areas that a roofer checks because they get old and brittle. Then, they no longer keep water out.

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