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Roof Damage From Windstorms

Roof Damage From Windstorms

If a significant windstorm has just come through your area, you need to check your home’s roof for damage. Even if the experts are telling you that the wind did not blow that hard at the official weather station, your location may be different. Microbursts often are very short lived and can cause a lot of damage in a small area while the shortest tornado ever recorded was just 7 feet long. When it is safe, you need to go outside and take a good look at your roof to see if you have storm damage.

Inspect Edges

Roofing damage from wind usually starts at the building’s edges. The wind can get under the eaves and overhangs causing them to separate from the walls of your home. More commonly, you will see damage to hurricane straps and flashings from the wind. The great news because it meant that they did their job when the wind blew, but you need to get them quickly repaired so that they are in place the next time the wind blows.

Look for Loose Material

The next thing that you will want to do is look for any loose material. While you can get the best idea by getting on your roof, that is not always necessary. Instead, walk around your yard looking for pieces of roofing materials, like shingles and pieces of the underlayment, that have blown off during the storm. Not getting these materials fixed right away can cause your roof to leak, so if you choose to put it off, then you can end up with ugly brown stains on your roof or crumbling ceilings.

Check for Penetration

The wind may have blown other items onto your roof that has damaged it. For example, during a windstorm, it is not unusual to have large tree limbs blown onto your roof. These can break through the roofing materials and set up conditions where your roof will leak. Other items, like pieces of your HVAC system or your satellite, can also penetrate your roof.

Scrutinize the Attic

Especially if the windstorm has come with rain, head up to the attic. If you see any signs of moisture, then you know that your roof leaked during the storm. Additionally, light coming from the outside indicates that something has punctured your roof or that the edges are separating.  Finally, inspect the rafters to make sure that they are still in place and are stable.

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