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Recovering From Major Roof Damage in Deltona

Recovering From Major Roof Damage in Deltona

If the roof of your home suffers significant damage during a storm, then you are responsible for seeing that no further storm damage occurs under most insurance policies. Before you start tarping your roof or going through things, however, there are some steps that you should do. Getting things in the right order can make your insurance payment come through faster.  

Check for Injuries

The first thing that you need to do is check for injuries. Make sure that everyone is present and safe. It can be a very stressful time, but make sure that everyone is OK. If not, then contact emergency services or go to the nearest triage facility.  

Take Pictures

You should document the damage that the storm has done to your property, including your roof. Snap pictures on your phone from many different angles so that you can share these with your insurance company right away. These photos will help you build your case with the insurance company. The more pictures you take, the more that you can explain what has happened to your home.  

Contact Your Insurance Company

The sooner that you call your insurance company, the faster they can assist you in solving your problems. When you call, try to have a copy of your insurance policy number and any other details. You may even want to prepare for this step by keeping your papers in a waterproof safe. You may also want to keep a copy on your phone or in an email account that you can easily access after the storm.  

Make Temporary Repairs

If it is safe, then you should start to make temporary repairs or hire someone to do it for you. Ideally, the tarp will extend beyond the damaged area of your roof by at least 3 feet. If you have the ability, you may also want to put plywood over any holes as it usually lasts longer than tarps. Be sure to fasten the tarp or plywood down securely so that it does not blow away when the wind blows. You will want to call roofing contractors in Deltona to come to help you with this process.  

Remove Water

If water has gotten into your home, then you should start removing the water. You should never enter a flooded area because of safety concerns, but once the water is gone, you can begin removing your stuff and working with a restoration company to dry out your house. Take special precautions to stop mold growth to the best of your ability.  

The next step is to work with your insurance agent. They may suggest a roofing contractor in Deltona, but you are free to call your own. We highly recommend that you call JV Contractors LLC. With many years of experience, they can stop further damage from occurring to your roof. Then, they can start working with you and your insurance agent to get your roof fixed as soon as possible.