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Inspecting for Roof Damage After a Storm

Inspecting for Roof Damage After a Storm

DeBary, Florida, homeowners often are frantic to discover if their roofs have damage after hailstorm, windstorms, tornadoes and even hard rains. While you may still want to call professional roofers in DeBary, like those at JV Contractors, LLC, for an expert opinion, you can use this checklist to see if the storm has damaged your roof.


Shingles can take a powerful beating during any storm. Usually, it is the ones along the edge that take the worse beating. Look for missing shingles or any signs of shingles laying around your yard. Look to see if you see any shingles that appear to be curling up either on their ends or in the middle as water can get under these causing your roof to leak. You will also want to see if you notice a lot of granules laying on the ground as this is a sign that your shingles have lost their UV ray and other types of protection built into them.

Wood Shake

If you have a wood shake roof, then the process of checking your roof is a little easier. Start by looking for any missing pieces. Then, you need to inspect for cracks in each section. In addition to water being able to get into the underlayers of your roof through these cracks, they also create the perfect conditions for the wood to rot and mold to grow.

Flat Roofs

It is easier for a flat roof to get torn off in a storm. If yours survived, make sure that it is still fastened securely to your home’s walls. Then, climb on the roof to see if you see any signs of wrinkling or blisters. Also, look for signs of tears in roofing materials. If you have had your roof repaired in the past, then scrutinize these areas as they are usually the first place that damage will occur.


Often, one of the first areas of your roof that will get damaged during a storm is the flashings. These pieces of metal placed around roof penetrations to keep water out can rust or come lose easily. Therefore, you need to make sure that each one is securely in place and in good shape.


 Regardless of the type of vent that is on your roof, storms can damage them.  First, make sure that they are still securely held in place as the wind may have whipped them loose., Then, make sure that they are functioning correctly.

While you can use this checklist to check your roof, you are not an expert in roofing. Therefore, what looks reasonable to you may still have suffered damage. Give JV Contractors, LLC a call to come to inspect your roof. These roofers in DeBary offer free estimates, and these expert roofers will be glad to work with your insurance company.