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4 Important Things to Avoid When Having a New Roof Installed

4 Important Things to Avoid When Having a New Roof Installed

Installing a roof is a capital-intensive project. It is an investment that if done right, it should last decades. This is why you should ensure that you get the best value for your money by taking note of these vital things when having a roof installed.

There are simple mistakes you could be guilty of which could cost you if you are not careful. Put these four important things in mind when having a new roof installed .

1. Putting Priority on Cost at the Expense of Quality

What a grave mistake to sacrifice quality for a low price! Saving some money by installing a low-quality roof is the last thing you want to do. Besides, the fact is, in the long run, a low-quality roof will likely cost you way more. This is because it could damage your property, cost more for repair and maintenance and weaken the integrity of your house.

2. Not Working With a Written Estimate

When roofing contractors come to your home for an estimate, you need to request for your copy of the estimate. Regardless of whatever it is you want to do – repair, replacement, maintenance, be sure to work with a written estimate,

If the output of the roofing company doesn’t satisfy you, the contract helps you prove your case in court. It is the contract that also helps to ensure everything goes according to plan hence, no misunderstanding, ambiguity or miscommunication.

3. Not Signing a Contract

Once you decide the roofing company you are going with, be sure to have a signed contract before proceeding. A signed contract is your protection in case anything goes wrong. The signed contracts prove the roofer’s obligation and commitment to you.

Your roof's pitch can either be flat or have a slope angle of up to 12 degrees. The pitch of your roof greatly influences shingle roof repair. Low pitches are usually cheaper to install and repair while higher pitches are expensive and can withstand rain and snow effortlessly.

4. Not being familiar With Your Roofer of Choice

It is expected of you to do some background check on the experience and integrity of your chosen roofing company before committing to them. This doesn’t have to stress you. You can read reviews online and sites like Yelp. This little homework on your part can save you a lot of trouble. You can avoid scam and unprofessional contractors with this.

It doesn’t stop here, but keeping these four mistakes in mind could save you quite many troubles when hiring a roofing contractor. Keeping the points listed above in mind could save you a lot of stress. Be sure to do your background check, work with a signed contract, and get a written estimate and also prioritize quality.

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