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How to Maintain Your Roof Through Winter

How to Maintain Your Roof Through Winter

Your roof is an important part of protecting your home from the harsh winter elements. There are several maintenance tips that will help you keep your roof in good condition during the winter months so you can spend the warmer months on more important things, like spring cleaning! Jv Contractors are you go to source for roofers in Orlando and the surrounding area.

Remove Roof Debris Before the Snow Falls

Branches above your home will drop leaves onto your roof especially during the fall when leaves are falling as well as with the weight of snow and ice. Even if there isn’t snow in your area, heavy rains and winds can send debris falling onto your roof. Large amounts of leaves and other debris will collect in overhangs and clog your gutters. If you aren’t comfortable doing it yourself, roofing contractors in Orlando can help you with this. Give JV Contractors a call today to schedule a roof cleaning. You’ll thank yourself later when your gutters aren’t clogged with leaves and snow.

Keep Your Gutters Clean

A clean roof will slow down how often you will have to clean your gutters. However, debris will still build up in them over time even with a spotless roof. Clean gutters and drainpipes help drain the water from your roof as snow and ice melt or from heavy rainfall. If water collects in your gutters, it can pose a serious problem as the temperatures dip overnight. Clogged gutters lead to ice damming in your downspouts and gutters. Ice dams keep constant moisture around your home. Standing water can damage your home’s siding and foundation as well as cause mold and mildew to develop as temperatures begin to rise.

Hire a Tree Trimmer

Remove the dead trees and brush from around your home well before winter storms hit. It is particularly important to address the trees with branches near your roof. A good roofing contractor in Debary can help you find the right person to handle this for you. Heavy snowfalls, ice storms and heavy rainstorms can break branches and damage the physical structure or your home if left untamed.

Inspect Your Roof

Avoid climbing on your roof during the winter months if possible as ice and snow can make your roof slippery and dangerous. A professional roofing contractor in Debary such as JV Contractors can inspect your roof for you. However, if you still want to do it yourself, walk around the outside of your home and look for visible sagging.

JV Contractors LLC can help with all your winter roofing needs. Everything from inspections to repairs, trust JV contractors as your go-to roofers in Orlando and the surrounding area. Don’t wait till the last minute to care for your roof. Once the storm hits it's too late to stop a small problem from becoming a huge one. Don’t get stuck out in the cold with roofing repairs, let JV Contractors get your roof winter ready today!