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How to Choose the Right Asphalt Shingles for Your Home

How to Choose the Right Asphalt Shingles for Your Home

Follow the advice of an experienced contractor such as JV Contractors to help you make the best decision for your home. Most professional contractors are accredited by shingle manufacturers and can guide you through the roofing process. When you need a trusted roofing contractor in Orlando, turn to JV Contractors.

What Makes up an asphalt shingle

Asphalt shingles are made up of several different elements that give them the strength and durability needed to serve their purpose on your roof. Although specialty shingles possess a unique composition, the following core materials are found in all types of asphalt shingles:

  • Fiberglass Mat
  • Asphalt
  • Fillers
  • Granules
  • Back surfacing

What different types of asphalt shingles are available?

There are many types of asphalt shingles on the market. Your roofing contractors in Debary can help you better understand your options. Asphalt shingle manufacturers offer a wide range of design options which are grouped into the following three categories:

  • Premium/designer shingles
  • Laminated shingles
  • 3-Tab shingles

Important attributes of a shingle

While the appearance of the shingles you choose is important, there are other properties which must be taken into consideration when planning to have your roof replaced. These are:

  • Wind resistance

    All asphalt shingles are wind resistant; however, there are different levels of wind resistance.

    Proper nailing, fastener pull-through resistance, and strong sealant bond strength provide wind resistance.

  • Impact resistance

    Impacts on asphalt shingles (e.g., from hail) can damage them. Underwriters Laboratory (UL) Standard 2218 is a test method for evaluating impact resistance. When tested to UL 2218, shingles can achieve an impact-resistance rating from Class 1 through 4, with a Class 4 rating being the highest and best. Some insurance companies may provide premium discounts when shingles are impact-resistant rated at the Class 4 level.

  • Fire resistance

    Due to the materials used in their construction, most asphalt shingle roof assemblies have a Class A fire resistance rating. Fire resistance is based on two test standards: UL 790 and ASTM E 108. There are three levels of fire resistance; Class A is the highest level.

  • Algae resistance

    Algae do not damage asphalt shingles but may affect the appearance of an asphalt shingle roof. There are different treatments you can use to prevent algae growth on your roof. Many manufacturers offer AR (Algae Resistant) shingles, which have a special copper composition in their granules, as copper is proven to help control algae growth.

  • Solar reflectance

    Solar reflecting shingles make use of special granules that reflect some of the sun’s energy, helping to keep roof temperatures cooler. This can reduce energy consumption when using air conditioning, especially in hot climates. Residential property owners may also be eligible to receive tax credits, depending on the city or state, for installing solar reflective roofing. The Cool Roof Rating Council (CRRC) manages a system for independently determining solar reflective properties of roofing products.

Now that you have a better understanding of how asphalt shingles work you can make a more educated decision about what you want to put on your roof. If you still don’t know, give JV Contractors a call today to schedule a consultation.