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5 Ideas for Adding a Roof to Your Outdoor Kitchen

5 Ideas for Adding a Roof to Your Outdoor Kitchen

Many people in the DeBary area enjoy using their outdoor kitchen throughout many months of the year. Unfortunately, many have experienced the frustration of having to eat indoors because of the weather or having to postpone a party because it is raining. The hot summer sun can also make outside dining miserable. Many people also discover that their cooking and entertaining equipment must be replaced sooner because it is exposed to the elements. For all these reasons and more, consider adding a roof to your outdoor kitchen. There are several different roofing options that you may want to talk to roofing contractors in DeBary about installing.


While you can install a fabric-covered canopy over your outdoor kitchen, a metal canopy is often a better option because it will stand up better in the wind and rain. These canopies can be covered in fine-mesh wire helping to keep the elements off or they can be designed like a large umbrella. If you are planning to install a metal canopy, then consider its slope so that the rain moves away from expensive cooking equipment.

Gazebo Roofs

Gazebos are always round, and they often have a domed roof. While the gazebo is circular, the roof can be any shape. One idea that many people fall in love with is to move the rafters higher to create a cathedral-style roof. This is often a great idea because it helps to block the hot sun better during the heat of the day while maximizing airflow through the structure. While some gazebos have a pole in the middle to support the roof, gazebo roofs can also be constructed without a center pole when you trust experienced roofing contractors in DeBary to plan your gazebo roof properly.

Pergola Roofs

Pergola roofs almost always contain open latticework. You can have a wide variety of pergola roofs constructed with some people choosing to have one built only above their outdoor kitchen while others choose to have a sitting area or a walkway covered. Pergola roofs can be constructed from a variety of materials including metal, fiberglass, plastic, and fabric. Often the latticework is left open with lovely wooden vines planted on the roof. Other times, the roof is covered in a thatched material or other fabric helping you set a theme in your outdoor kitchen space.

The great variety of possibilities allows you to design the roof best meeting your needs. Ask the roofing contractor what they recommend for the goals that you are trying to achieve. When you deal with an experienced contractor, like those found at JV Contractors LLC, they will come prepared with their own ideas and a willingness to listen to you. Then, you can trust their experience and know-how to construct the outdoor kitchen roof that you will enjoy using for many years to come.