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5 Factors Affecting the Hail Resistance of Your Roof

5 Factors Affecting the Hail Resistance of Your Roof

Each year, the Orlando area experiences severe hailstorms. Each of these storms do significant damage to roofs in the area. Therefore, insurance companies must pay out claims, which often causes premiums to raise. Then, homeowners must hire roofing contractors in Orlando to get the damage repaired. If you are tired of the vicious circle, then you may want to consider installing a roof that is more resistant to damage from hail. There are several things you may want to consider to improve the probability of your home’s roof withstanding damage from a hailstorm.

Choose the Right Shingles

Shingles made from polymer-modified asphalt are more resistant to hail than those made from oxidized asphalt. At the same time, check the rating on the shingles. The Underwriters Laboratory gives asphalt shingles a rating from one to four with those rated four being the most hail resistant. They test each type of shingle by dropping a 20-pound-steel ball at 90 miles per hour on it to see the amount of damage that is done.

Reroofing Increases Damage Chances

While it is normal to put a new layer of shingles on top of an existing roof when hail does damage, this increases the odds that you will receive more damage during the next hailstorm. If your insurance company will allow it, then it is usually better to replace the roof when damage occurs.

Increase Roof Pitch

Homes that have a steep pitch are more resistant to hail than flat roofs or those with a smaller pitch. Those that rise at least 6 inches vertically for every 12 inches horizontally are more resistant. Therefore, you may want to consider remodeling your roof. An added advantage is you can also add additional living space if desired.

Use Thin Underlayments

While many roofers in Orlando are still using asphalt-saturated roofing felts because they are more economical in many cases, the use of a one layer of underlayment that is thin will increase the chances of your roof withstanding a hailstorm without damage.

Choose Rigid Roofing Decking

Roofs that are very stable usually stand up better in hailstorms. Therefore, talk to your roofer to see how you can make yours more rigid. Tongue-and-groove decking is often the best choice, but it can be more expensive.

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