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5 Common Signs Your Roof is Heavily Damaged

5 Common Signs Your Roof is Heavily Damaged

Most people don’t feel that their roofs need maintenance since it is out of sight. Yet, the roof, just like any other thing around the house should be maintained. You can either check the current state of your roof by yourself or hire a professional roof contractor in Orlando.

Whatever way you decide to have it, it is a good idea to know the signs of roof damage. We discuss some of these below:

1. Missing Shingles

When you have several roof shingles missing from your roof surface, the roof needs maintenance. This, at time, is as a result of heavy wind or anything else. Whatever the reason, you should take care of missing shingles right away. This is because missing shingles subject various parts of the roof to the elements. With this, you can have water infiltration which could damage the decking or even your properties. When you notice your asphalt shingle curling at the edge, it is an issue. This, at times, is due to water infiltration. These two situations call for the replacement of the shingles.

2. Issues With Flashing

When you notice that the flashing around your rooftop, vent pipe or chimney etc are bad, it could be as a result of water damage. Water might be getting into these areas, weakening their integrity. This, most time, is usually a pretty costly repair work. For people with flat roofs, flashing is usually the main cause of roof leak. Hence, this is something you should watch out for.

3. Signs of Aging

Your roof, just like any other thing you buy has an expiry date. Nothing is built to last forever. Hence, if your roof starts showing signs of aging because it has been on you for decade, you should consider replacing it. Noticing an old roof is not a hard task I think.

4. Leaking Room Beams

If you have the heart, go up the attic with a flashlight. Watch out for rays of the sun coming through your roof beams. Be sure to fix this immediately. Also watch out for molds, moistures etc. their presence could be pointer to a much worse damage.

5. Gutter With Roofing Granules

Leaves and other minute dirt might be normal in your gutter. However, it is not so normal to find roofing granules. Although, your roof might lose a couple of granules from time to time. If it however clogs your gutter, you need a roof checkup. Just like the way a missing shingle will affect your roof, areas that suffer huge granule loss can make your home susceptible to various water related issues.

Do well to keep the above information in mind. It will help you keep an eye out for your roof. With this, you can prevent an extensive damage that might cost a fortune to repair.

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