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Common Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking

Common Reasons Why Your Roof is Leaking

A leaking roof can wreck untold havoc to a home if not addressed and rectified on time. Besides, it is easy for water to travel downward, spoiling anything it comes across in the process. This is why it is important to regularly inspect your roof for signs of leaking.

One or more of the following causes might have triggered a roof leak. By checking it and rectifying it as soon as possible, you prevent any further or serious damage.

1. Age

Everything manufactured by man is subject to aging. Hence, as the years go by, your roof might not be keeping water out as needed. Fluctuating elements like temperature and weather conditions are usually the reason for this. They cause the roof to become brittle and crack with time. Continuous exposure to sunlight also melts the tar that keeps the shingles together.

2. Roof vents

The roof should be properly sealed. This is to prevent any penetration that might cause leak. Make it and habit to regularly inspect the gaskets around the vent pipes. Watch out for cracks, gaps and missing nails. Vents made of plastics might crack after decades of exposure to the elements

3. Debris

Excessive debris like leaves, pine needles, and tree branches can hold water against the roof. This might cause it to seep in by acting as a capillary. This is why the roof should always be free of debris to give a free run off for water. Be sure to always trim overhanging tree branches. It will make it easy to keep your roof free of debris.

4. Flashing

Metal roof flashing is used to seal roof transition where lots of water travels down. Flashing is essential where the roof links a dormer, at the point where a chimney goes beyond the roof, just by the skylights. Should there be missing nails, flashing sections could slide out of space, leading to dry caulk which might make it dry with time.

5. Ridge Cap

The Ridge cap protects the gap on top of the roof where two slopes meet. Contractors that work on the roof, using a roof and harness system needs to be careful. If they do not protect the ridge cap, there is a big chance of creating holes in the roofing materials. This could give ways for rain water to penetrate the house.

6. Too Much Moisture

When the upper roof gutter drains straight onto a lower roof, the lower section could be over saturated. This could trigger leak. To take care of this, extend the downspout down to the ground or the next gutter.

7. Missing Shingles

There are some winds strong enough to rip shingles off the roof. This could lead to an exposed area that could be out of sight. Always inspect your roof by climbing a ladder to check for missing shingles.

A leaky roof could lead to extensive damage. Hence, it is important to watch out for this to prevent such damage.

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