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Benefits of a Metal Roof on Your Orlando Home

Benefits of a Metal Roof on Your Orlando Home

Many roofing supplies require regular maintenance or need replaced or repaired frequently.  Shingles can become missing or damaged, and tiles and slate can easily break under pressure or when weight is applied.  Many homeowners in South Florida have been turning to our roofers in Orlando to install metal roofs to keep their homes cooler and keep roof maintenance costs down.  Although metal roofs may require a larger investment in the beginning, they will last longer and require less maintenance throughout their lifetime.  There are many benefits of having a metal roof on your Orlando home.  

Styles to Match Your Home

Metal roofs come in many styles and color choices to match the appearance of any home.  Because of the customization of metal roofs, homeowners have a wide array of choices to keep the color scheme of their home consistent.  Metal roofs can add beauty and enhance the appearance of any home, which adds to the overall curb appeal and increases the home's value.

Energy Efficient

Many homeowners are looking to install a metal roof on their home in order to improve the energy efficiency of their home.  Metal roofs work to reflect the sun's rays, which lowers the overall temperature of the home and helps to curb cooling costs.  Homeowners can save up to thirty percent off their air conditioning bills when they choose a metal roof. 

Fire and Wind Resistant

An added benefit of metal roofs is their wind and fire resistance.  In South Florida, hurricanes can cause much damage and destruction to roofing structures, but with a metal roof, you will likely suffer fewer damages due to its wind resistance.  The structure will likely not buckle or break under severe weather conditions, such as wind, hail, storms, or fires.  This makes it a popular and durable choice for our South Florida customers looking for hurricane damage prevention solutions.  

Maintenance Free

Metal roofs have become a popular choice with our homeowners who are looking to install a roofing material with little to no maintenance needed.  This is a metal roof.  Once it is installed, it will likely not need any repairs or replacements during its lifetime.  

Long Lasting

A metal roof may be more expensive when it is installed, but it lasts longer than most other roofing materials.  A metal roof will likely have a lifespan of around fifty years.  Many homeowners are looking to replace their current materials with those that have a longer lifespan and value over that time.  Metal roofs have many lasting benefits.

These are some of the many benefits to installing a metal roof on your Orlando home.  Metal roofs provide your home with protection against wind and fire, and they are also popular choices for those who are looking for less roof maintenance.  When you are ready to install a metal roof on your home, contact our roofers in Orlando today to get started.