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4 Most Common Reasons for Roof Damage

4 Most Common Reasons for Roof Damage

If you have just paid to have a new roof put on your DeBary, Florida, home, then you may be wondering what you can do to make it last. Even with insurance, having roofers in DeBary install a new roof is seldom a cheap proposition. Learning the four most common reasons for roof damage and steps you can take to prevent it may help your roof last a very long time.


You may think that the tree growing near your roof is helping to keep your energy bills lower, but the truth is that the money that you are saving on your energy bills, you may be spending on roof repairs. Instead, trim any large branches that have the potential to fall near your roof away from it. Oversee trees for any signs of decay or disease, and if present, get them treated immediately. Additionally, clean your roof regularly of leaves, needles, or other debris as they can cause mold and mildew problems on your roof.


It is not always possible to stop weather damage from occurring. Hopefully, you had the roofers in DeBary install roofs that were wind and hail resistant. After a storm, inspect for loss, and if present, get the storm damage repaired as soon as possible. If your roof gets many hours of sunlight every day, consider having a protective coating put over it. You may also want to think about what can blow onto your roof during a storm, and make sure that hurricane straps are secure.

Birds and Animals

Wildlife can do damage quickly to your new roof. You need to get a roofer in DeBary to inspect your home at least once a year because even a little hole can spell big trouble. Discourage wildlife from visiting your home by keeping the outside area clean. Inspect the attic or the highest point in your home regularly to make sure that no animal has gotten in and taken up residence. Periodically inspect your soffits and eave vents to make sure that animals cannot enter through them.


It can be a necessary pain to keep your home’s gutters clean. You should clean them or hire someone to do it at least twice each year. When your gutters get full of leaves and debris, water can back up under your roof, causing it to decay. Even if your roofing materials are in great shape, you can experience roof structural integrity problems if the gutters are not cleaned regularly as the water backs up underneath the roof’s edges.

If you find roof damage, then contact JV Contractors, LLC in DeBary to get them corrected as soon as possible. You can count on this team of professionals to give you excellent service at a reasonable price.