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Valuable tips to keep your roof shining

Valuable tips to keep your roof shining

Roof maintenance is essential if you want your roof to last for a long time and there are ways you can renew your roof’s luster if it has lost it. As long as there are no major repairs to be carried out on the roof and it isn’t leaking, then you can keep it shiny all year round without incurring any major expense. Check out these valuable tips from your top roofer in Debary, JV Contractors LLC on how you can breathe life into your roof.

Keep it shiny

The roof is part of the exteriors of your property and thus is exposed to all sorts of dirt, debris and weather elements. These factors contribute to the loss of luster in roofs. Some other things that affect the appearance of your roof include algae stains that harbor molds and lichens. If there are trees are close to your roof, then, you may have to deal with bird droppings as well.

An excellent way to keep your roof shiny and bring out its colors is to wash it. Washing gets rid of all the organic growths and the damages they have caused. You also do not have to do the washing yourself – you can hire roofers in Orlando that offer roof washing services. It is, however, best that you choose a washing service that uses biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning products. Also, make sure they do not use a power washer to wash the roof.

Keep it shiny from the inside

Your attic significantly impacts the service life of your roof. You have to make sure your attic receives enough ventilation to prevent a temperature surge during summer. A very hot attic can cause damage to your decking and roof shingles. Also, without enough ventilation, moisture tends to stay long in a spot which leads to decay of wood and growth of mold. Temperature and humidity affect the lifespan of your roof, and proper ventilation in your attic is an excellent way to keep these two factors in check.

During winter, if your attic does not have proper ventilation, your roof’s overhang will regularly have ice dams. Get in touch with roofers in Debary to inspect your attic and fix the ventilation as well as make sure it is air sealed and well-insulated.

Repair your shingles

If your shingles are curled or missing, it makes your home look less attractive. So, do not wait to repair your roof shingles so you can prevent breaching the watertight barrier of your roof. You also get to inspect your roof comprehensively when you replace shingles. A roofer in Debary will identify other problems with your roofing system and advise you on how to fix them.

For effective roof maintenance and making your roof shine, contact us at JV Contractors LLC today. We offer roof repairs and maintenance services. Call 407 401 9050 or 407 604 ROOF.