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Top Tips for Protecting Your Roof from Hail and Storm Damage

Top Tips for Protecting Your Roof from Hail and Storm Damage

Storms and hail cause a lot of damage to crops and property. Homeowners who have witnessed intense hailstorms have tales of severe damage to their windows, roofs and building siding which could cost a lot to repair. If you live in an area where you are exposed to hail and storm damage, you will need to be prepared for potential damage to your roof and other parts of your building whenever there is a storm. Here are some tips to protect your roof from damage.

1. Ask your roofer in Orlando for hail-resistant roofing sheets

Ensuring that you have a hail-resistant roof is important to staying safe whenever there is a hail storm because a damaged roof could lead to damage to your property, including things inside the house. If you are thinking of replacing your roof before the storms come or as part of scheduled home renovations, speak to your roofers in Orlando to get you roofing shingles that are made from materials that resist hail and extreme weather conditions. Hail-resistant roofing materials include resin, aluminum, cooper, asphalt and even plastic. Before committing to any of these, you should consult your roofer in Orlando about the prices and what material is most suitable to your budget and home.

Hail-resistant roofing material last really long, do not require a lot of maintenance over their lifespan and also help you with saving on your insurance claims. A lot of insurance companies offer discounts on your insurance rates if you have storm-resistant roofs.

2. Storm Shutters offer protection for your windows

Even small hail stones can damage your home’s windows during intense hail storms. By installing storm shutters, you can protect the glass panes of your window from cracks and chips. There are many different types of storm shutters that you can choose from to match your home. Consult your roofers in Orlando to help you choose the best type of storm shutters for your house. If there is a sudden weather incident before you install storm shutters, you can minimize the damage to your property by using plywood boards to cover your windows.

3. Keep your surrounding trees and shrubs well-trimmed

Loose and hanging branches often become powerful projectiles during a storm. Ensure that trees and shrubs around your house are well-trimmed. Cut away any low-hanging branches close to windows or the room that could be broken off during a storm and become a missile. Remove weak and dry shrubs early enough to prevent damage to your property in the event of a storm. The cut off portion of the shrubs or tree could be used for mulching instead of letting it cost you several hundreds of dollars in emergency roof repairs.

Contact us at JV Contractors for your storm damage repair works. Our roofers in Orlando are equipped to help you with repair, maintenance and renovation of your roofing.