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Tips for Managing Your Roof Chimney

Tips for Managing Your Roof Chimney

If there is a fireplace in your home, then you will need a chimney installed in your roof. It does not matter how well-maintained your roof is, chimney leaks are quite common, and they happen a lot. If the flashing with which your chimney is attached to your roof gets damaged or is not correctly installed, both your roof and the ceiling beneath can get damaged by water.

Water damage does not look good, and it sometimes goes as far as damaging the support structure of your home. Here are some tips for managing your roof chimney:

1. Inspect your roof regularly

From time to time, schedule an inspection of your roof and make sure you hire the best roofer in Orlando. A roofer has the professional knowledge and expertise to notice damaged parts of your roof and gutters. You can schedule your roofing inspection to take place annually or twice within a year so that you can find out problems before they become major problems that might lead to roof replacement.

2. Know your roof’s pitch

You have to know the slope and pitch of your roof as they are the angles where the structure sits. Your roof’s flashing is the metal seam with which your chimney is attached to the roof. The size of the flashing has to align with the pitch of your roof to prevent leaking and other roof problems. Professional roofers in Orlando will measure your roof to see if the size of the flashing is right for your roof structure.

3. Fix your roof flashing on time.

When your roof flashing gets damaged, your roof will cease to function properly in terms of keeping the weather, water and pests out of your home. Fix flashing issues as soon as you can to prevent further damages to your entire roof structure and your home.

4. Replace damaged shingles

The shingles near your chimney’s flashing provide support to the flashing and for this reason, the shingles must be intact and securely in place. If the seams around your chimney flashing need resealing, make sure you first replace any cracked or broken shingles. Broken shingles cannot hold the metal to the chimney securely.

5. Contact a professional

Of course, not everyone is good with tools or fixing things and for complicated tasks like fixing your chimney, seeking a professional roofer in Orlando is a great idea. This will help you save money on multiple repairs as the job would be done right at once. We, at JV Contractors LLC, will give you an affordable quote for your chimney repairs and be guaranteed that you will not need another repair anytime soon.

Say no to improperly installed flashing and keep your home protected from hail, wind, and rain. Contact the best roofers in Orlando at JV Contractors, LLC. Give us a call today on 407 401 9050 or 407-604-ROOF for a free estimate.