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How to Save Money on Roof Maintenance

How to Save Money on Roof Maintenance

When you consider that a new roof installation can set you back thousands of dollars, it is no surprise that roofing contractors in Debary do their best to ensure that roofs are maintained properly over their lifespans. Good roof maintenance practices can also help you to reduce your cost and make the roofs last longer for you. By cleaning your roof regularly, ensuring that you fix issues early enough, you can play a huge part in how long your roof lasts.

Here are some easy ways to save money on roof maintenance and still have a great quality roof after many years:

1. Check your roof’s condition regularly

It is cheaper to hire roofing contractors in Debary to check for damage and other things that could indicate abnormal activity than waiting till there is actual damage to your roof before trying to fix it. Look out for signs of algae growth and possible rust or pieces of roofing shingles around your home after nasty weather storms.

2. Remove overhanging branches and shrubs near your fence

Tree branches close to your home could become projectiles during a storm that could cause serious damage to your roof and damage your shingles. These impacts could lead to leaks and debris getting into your attic.

3. Clear debris away from your roof

Organic materials like leaves and sticks can lead to algae growth on your roof. Find a stable ladder and regularly clean out your roofing gutters with a rake to prevent pile-up of materials that could block drainage and encourage damage to your roof.

4. Small leaks become big leaks

Don’t wait any additional day to fix any small leak you notice on your roof. Once you find that there is moisture in your attic or any sign that water is getting into your roof, call professional roofing contractors in Debary immediately to look at the situation and recommend repairs for you as quickly as possible.

5. Check for animals and pests living in your roof

When checking your roof, be on the lookout for signs that animals could be living on your roof. If you see evidence of insects like termites, squirrels and any other small animal on your roof, take action immediately to eradicate them. They can cause serious structural damage that can cost you thousands of dollars to repair if not caught on time.

6. Clear snow regularly during the winter

Don’t let snow accumulate on your roof as the weight could cause damage. Find a snow rake to remove piled up snow from your roof and clear away ice. The freezing and melting of ice will cause your roof to get damaged. If you can’t reach the roof or it is too dangerous, speak to roofing contractors in Debary to help you with the clean-up and also check for signs of possible damage.

With good maintenance, you can have a fully functional roof for many years to come, saving you thousands of dollars in roof repairs and replacement. Call JV Contractors today for a comprehensive assessment of your roof.