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The Benefits of Tile Roofs

The Benefits of Tile Roofs

Tile roofs have been in existence for a very long time. They are generally regarded as beautiful and durable and are known to last for more than 100 years. When made traditionally, tile roofs are fabricated from fire, clay and slate. However, more advanced tile roofs are fabricated from concrete. Although expensive, tile roofs are one of the most sought-after types of roofs at the moment because of their numerous benefits and you need to get a reputable roofing contractor to install them for you.

Contained in this article are some of the benefits of tile roofs. Let's find out what some of them are.

1. They are Durable

Of all the available roofing sheets, tile roofs have the lowest life cycle. Tile roofs are not designed to be replaced after a couple of years. They are designed to live as long as a house exists. When compared to other roofing sheets, tile roofs can be said to be very durable. Amazingly, they can be made use of in both cold and warm climates. This is because they come with a ventilation characteristic.

2. A reduced Transfer of Heat

According to some tests that were carried out at the Department of Energy's Oak Ridge National Laboratory, tiles are more efficient at reducing the transfer of heat when compared to other roofing sheets. Even roofing contractors in Debary advise tile roofs if you do not plan to use air condition in your home constantly.

3. Tile Roofs do not Lose Color

Tile roofs get their colors from natural sources. As a result of this, their colors do not wash away. The colors of some of the best time roofs can remain unchanged for up to half of a century.

4. They are Economical

Tile roofs might be considered to be expensive when being purchased for a building project; the truth is they are very economical. Tile roofs usually come with a warranty of between 50 to 100 years. So, when used in building a house. There is a tendency that they will not acquire any form of replacement until an entire generation is over. This, therefore, makes them very economical and perhaps one of the most economical roofing sheets.

5. Tile Roofs can Survive High Winds

When installed rightly, the tile roofing system makes it to the list of the roofing systems that can successfully survive high winds as much as 150 miles. The implication of this is: they can be made use of in regions with severe weather conditions.

6. They are Easy to Maintain

When installed incorrectly, tile roofs might need excessive maintenance. However, when installed correctly, their maintenance requirements are known to be very minimal. If a part of the roof gets bad, an entire roofing sheet does not have to be purchased. The only part of the roof that will be replaced by roofing contractors in Debary is the exact affected part.

7. They can be gotten in Various Styles

Irrespective of what the architectural design of your home is, tile roofs can always fit in perfectly. Roof tiles can be made into any shape to suit the design of the building that you like.

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